Performance: Demi Lovato on American Idol

Last week on American Idol, Kelly Clarkson brought the house down with a powerhouse performance of her emotional ballad, ‘Piece By Piece’. This week, it’s Demi Lovato’s turn. After joining the contestants to sing her latest hit ‘Confident’, Demi took the Idol stage to perform her new single – the heartbreaking ballad ‘Stone Cold’.

Well, we can’t say that much for the contestants – but Demi was surprisingly on during her performance. Very on, in fact. Not only did she sing ‘Confident’ with such ease; but it seems like she’s finally been able to master the control to really make ‘Stone Cold’ amazing during its live rendition. Her over dramatics after the bridge still need to be reigned in a bit, but great nonetheless.

It’s a shame that ‘Stone Cold’ is being screwed over and not being sent to radio for another month. It could do some real damage. Perhaps things will change and it’ll be sent not too long after this performance. We’ll have to wait and see..

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