Jennifer Lopez To Release New Music ‘Real Soon’

Last week, news broke that Jennifer Lopez would reunite with Epic Records to start a new chapter in her music career. With a new label and a multi-album deal locked in place, it’s time to get to work – right? If you think she hasn’t at least thought about her next record, you clearly don’t know Jennifer.

Mama likes to workworkworkworkworkwork. So it comes at no surprise that J. Lo has been working independently on music for the past few months. The best part of this? It seems like she has something ready to go for her fans. During a red carpet interview for American Idol, Jennifer Lopez spilled the following to Entertainment Tonight:

I’ve been working on music for the past couple months and we should be putting something out very soon.

So when should we expect music from La Lopez? Nothing has been set in stone – but lets paint a picture for you. Idol finishes at the end of April and her show in Vegas begins its second leg at the end of May. Our bet is that she’ll premiere a single near or on the Idol finale and integrate into her show shortly after.

Are you ready for the next phase in Jennifer Lopez’s recording career?

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