Lady Gaga Promises Her New Album Will Be Worth The Wait

For the past year, we’ve all been well aware that Lady Gaga has returned to her roots to create a brand new pop album. She’s shared that she has reunited with RedOne, worked with Diane Warren, and rumor has it that she turned to super-producer Mark Ronson. Between all the rumors, all the award shows, movies, and acting gigs, the one thing that has kept fans going crazy is the mystery surrounding her next body of work.

During a recent interview with Carson Daly, Gaga touched – just ever so slightly – on the topic of her next pop record, but still managed to leave even more to be desired than ever before.

I’m actually working everyday on my record and I will be done with it at some point. This is my time for me to spend with my music. I promise you that it will be worth it. I’ve been taking time to think about what it is I want to say next. It’s not just always about being out there, or being on the radio, or being on the charts. It’s about growing and evolving as an artist.

So much mystery and not enough time to wait, right? Luckily, she did share a few things about her record. She claims that she’s very happy with the writing process and has been writing everyday. One thing that’s really inspired her writing has been her role on American Horror Story: Hotel.

Being with Ryan and the cast has made me feel more connected – with everything. When you’re around good people, they inspire you. So, of course that has and will continue to inspire my work.

Carson tried to get her to spill about a potential release date, but – in true Gaga fashion – her lips were sealed.

After such a downfall and a huge return to prominence, it’s music to our ears that Lady Gaga is finally taking the time to really deliver and exceed the world’s expectations. After the disaster of ‘ARTPOP’, people wondered if she would ever return as a pop artist. She may never be the “Lady Gaga” we once knew…but something tell us she’ll be back and better than ever. Perhaps sooner rather than later? After all – Gaga is smart. She wouldn’t let all this buzz from the past few months die without keeping the momentum going.

Listen to Lady Gaga’s full interview with Carson Daly on 97.1 AMP Radio


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