Ariana Grande Premieres Her New Single, ‘Dangerous Woman’

Everything has led up until this moment for Ariana Grande. Forget ‘Focus’, forget ‘Moonlight’ – Ariana is finally read to launch her junior album with a brand new look and a brand new single – ‘Dangerous Woman’. Was it worth the wait?

Now this is more like it. Gone are all the gimmicks, the pop-driven melodies, and the desperate ploys for a hit. Instead, Ariana is getting in touch with her sexuality and her womanhood for the first time ever.

Something ’bout you/makes me feel like a dangerous woman/Something ’bout you/make me wanna do things that I shouldn’t/

It’s giving off a very distinct flavor – a slight bluesy-rock feel mixed with a sensual alt-R&B vibe. Something not far off of what you would find on Christina Aguilera’s ‘Stripped’. There’s no doubt about it that ‘Dangerous Woman’ is her best effort yet. It’s miles beyond anything ‘Focus’ could have done for her.  There couldn’t have been a better step for her to take at this point in her career. It was either rehash the same thing over and over like her peers or dig deep and come up with something more mature and more evolved.

It’s the dawn of a new era for Ariana and it seems like it’s going to be her biggest one yet. Are you ready to get a little ‘dangerous’?

Ariana Grande will release her new album, ‘Dangerous Woman’, on May 20th.

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