The Demo of Tinashe’s ‘My Territory’ Leaks

Despite that fact that Tinashe has no idea when ‘Joyride’ will drop, we’re still able to get a feel for the music that may end up on her sophomore album. Over the past few months, Tinashe has been subjected to a series of leaks from her album recording sessions and the leaks keep rolling on today with ‘My Territory’.

All of the leaked material from the ‘Joyride’ sessions has been pretty solid and ‘My Territory’ is no exception. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about ‘My Territory’ – in case you forgot, 30 seconds of the song appeared early last month.

The tribal R&B cut has a slight Janet feel to it and finds Tinashe flirting with a bit of an electronic sound. We’d be interested to see if the final version of the song finds a spot on  ‘Joyride’ – it’s got potential to be a high-energy banger for her. If only she was given the chance to build on what she’s already started…

Should ‘My Territory’ end up on ‘Joyride’?

*Audio removed as per request*

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