Five New Tinashe Demos Leak Including ‘They’re On’, ‘Bullet’, & ‘Run, Run’

When it rains, it pours. Fresh off of ‘My Territory’ popping up online last night, five new Tinashe tracks have surfaced online – putting the ‘Joyride’ singer in the the middle of another massive leak of unfinished demos and unreleased tracks.

There’s no telling if any, most, or all of these tracks were meant for ‘Joyride’. Tinashe is known to be constantly working on music so these five songs could have been made at any time over the past few years.

The first – ‘Unstoppable’ – gives us the hazy, after-hours R&B vibe that Tinashe is known for. Nothing new, but nothing lacklustre going on here. ‘They’re On’ reunites Tinashe with DJ Mustard on another swagger dripping club banger and the icy ‘Run, Run’ (while not produced by DJ Mustard) more or less treads the same waters. ‘Bullet’ finds Tinashe as a straight shooter with her gun fixated on the hottest guy in the club and ‘Down With Ur Luv’ has our girl getting her heart broken by (what we can imagine) the same guy she was obsessed with bagging.

We’ve got all these leaks – but no album. Come on, RCA. This is what happens when you delay things. Put an end to the leaks and release ‘Joyride’ already.

*Audio removed as per request*

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