Adam Lambert To Release New Single ‘Welcome To The Show’ On March 17th

Last night, Adam Lambert cryptically took to Twitter to tease his loyal Glamberts that about a big announcement that would drop at 9 AM this morning. Many speculated it was about music and it looks like we were all right! Adam will release a new single, ‘Welcome To The Show’ on March 17th and released a 30 second clip of the song along with his announcement.

Upon first listen, the single sounds dance-y and a little bit lighter than most of the material that can be found on ‘The Original High’. The teaser – of course – cuts out right before what seems like a big drop. Perhaps another house infused one a la ‘Ghost Town’?

Adam Lambert will appear on American Idol this Thursday to perform for the very last time. You can bet on him debuting the track live for the first time during his appearance.


Adam has shared a new snippet of ‘Welcome To The Show’! It’s definitely taken a different turn from what we expected – a bit darker, more industrial. 24 hours to go, Glamberts!


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