New Single: Bebe Rexha ft. Nicki Minaj – ‘No Broken Hearts’

It seems like things are finally starting to happen for Bebe Rexha. After a string of high profile collaborations and songwriting credits, the alt-pop star is finally stepping out in a big way with her new single, ‘No Broken Hearts’.

Talk about a re-brand. Bebe has always been great at crafting some killer straight forward pop songs, but as an artist she has consistently brought a darker, more alternative vibe to her music. ‘No Broken Hearts’ introduces her as a formidable opponent in pop.

Over an urban-inspired beat, Bebe forgets about her solace and heart attack and proclaims that absolutely zero broken hearts are allowed in the club, on her plane to Miami – basically while she’s living it up and forgetting about the one that has wronged her.

We goin’ straight to Miami/Hop on a plane going no wheres/Shinin’ so hard like a Grammy/Forget all the players, what they did?

Oh, ain’t nobody going home.You know what you came for/To dance off the pain/You just feel the champagne/If you’re feeling lonely

It’s a very smart path to her to take after the unexpected success of her feature on G-Eazy’s ‘Me, Myself, & I’. No doubt she’ll be able to keep the momentum going and notch another hit for herself.

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