Demi Lovato Performs ‘Stone Cold’ On The Late Late Show

Stone Cold’ is finally about to become a thing! Demi has been pushing the song for what seems like forever, but now it’s ready to take over radio and television. After a string of odd performances, Demi kicks things into high gear with the latest performance of the ballad on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Find out why we think ‘Stone Cold’ will be a huge moment for Demi Lovato.

Amazing! The best performance of ‘Stone Cold’ yet! She changed up some of the notes, controlled her voice a little more, and really let the performance feel natural. Perhaps it was the set up (shout out to the 90’s teen shows that would feature a popular artist singing at a house party) or the fact that we’re thrilled that ‘Stone Cold’ is about to become a hit, but Demi is about to change her entire career thanks to this song.

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