New Single: Adam Lambert ft. Laleh – ‘Welcome To The Show’

At the beginning of the week, Adam Lambert revealed that he would be dropping new music. Now – whether this song is from a re-release or a new project, we aren’t quite sure. What we do know is that Adam is going anywhere anytime soon thanks to his new single ‘Welcome To The Show’ ft. Swedish singer-songwriter Laleh.

Sonically, it’s a big switch up from the dance-driven material that appears on ‘The Original High’. It still carries a bit of a darker element with the production’s thunderous drumming and Adam’s raw, emotive vocals. We definitely weren’t expect a mid-tempo/borderline ballad from Mr. Lambert – and we’re kind of disappointed on that. We don’t need another house banger, but we feel he’s the male pop star we need and have always needed. Something upbeat, at the very least, would have given this song a chance on radio.

It’s not always about having a hit. We’re honestly not sure how this will help him in the long run – it’s rather lacklustre and doesn’t quite have the spark his previous two singles did. However, with that being said, we’re open to seeing if this will be the single that finally sticks for him.

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4 Responses

  1. B says:

    Getting a bit tired of Adam always having to explain why he releases the songs he does. The fact is is that he has many voices and many styles of songs/music that he is so good at channeling and projecting. He’s not one-dimensional like some of the most PLAYED and overrated artists who are stuck in one genre and who aren’t talented enough both in the vocal department and imagination department to venture into other facets of music. And the fact that he can actually sing well LIVE is something that is lacking (good LIVE vocals) with most current artists.

    I’m on board with this song. It’s courting me. Makes me feel something. Vulnerable. Emotive. Different. Would love for this to be followed up with the track,The Original High, from the album,The Original High. Two different songs. Both executed brilliantly. Not same-old same old.

    Adam is not a one trick pony and IMO his voice/music should be splattered all over the airwaves!! His fans should not have to come on to sites and feel like they have to justify his choices of music. I know we don’t HAVE TO but these polls are becoming so redundant. We know certain artists never have to jump through hoops to get their music (even if it’s horrible) played because the radio audience never has a choice. I doubt Swift has to justify her choice of released ditties to her fans. ….and we ‘non fans’ are forced to accept that her music will be played regardless of its caliber!!

    And Adam IS the pop star we need. The fact that he is always switching it up makes him the perfect answer to the rather predicable and ho-hum offerings that the male (and female) pop singers are releasing today. And I’ll take a house banger,an almost ballad and everything in-between from this amazing diverse artist.

  2. Maloy says:

    That comment above by “B” is spot on. Said everything I was thinking after reading this article.

    But–What I request of you, Mr. Richard Baxter, please, is to watch Adam’s performance on American Idol tonight Then come back and let us know if you feel any different about this “lackluster” “borderline mid tempo ballad”.
    Thank you

  3. Richard Baxter says:

    Of course, I’ll be tuning into Idol tonight to see Adam perform the song live. Perhaps my opinion will change, but I highly doubt. The song is not clicking for me – which is okay. Doesn’t make me any less of a fan – I just feel like he can (and he has) produce better material. He has a lot of untapped potential.

  4. Richard Baxter says:

    Main problem with him is that the promo is non-existent for obvious songs to smash (Another Lonely Night being the best possible example). Stateside, there was virtually no promotion. With it, it might have faired better. He had a lot of momentum going with ‘Ghost Town’. ‘The Original High’ would have been a great follow up for a spring/summer single. But they went with this song. Will this smash? Highly doubt with the way things have been going this era in terms of promo (especially in the midst of a world solo tour followed up by a summer tour with Queen), but you never know. I’ve been wrong before and I could be wrong in this situation. We saw what happened with Kelly on Idol – but those occurrences are extremely rare.

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