Britney Spears’ Version of Nelly’s ‘Tilt Ya Head Back’ Leaks

The story goes that Nelly’s single from 2004 – ‘Tilt Ya Head Back’ – originally was penned with Britney Spears in mind. Britney recorded the song, but it was ultimately shelved because Jive felt that the song was “too urban” for Britney. So with Britney’s exit, Christina Aguilera swooped in and made the song what it was.

Turns out a demo of Britney’s version has been floating around all these years and a Singapore radio station, of all places, got its hands on it!

Yesterday, Gold 905 DJ – Mike Kasem – revealed the the radio station he’s works for would premiere the demo for Britney fans all over the world. Realizing that his ass might get sued, he back tracked on his claims and the Britney Army’s wrath ensued. Luckily, Kasem uploaded a clip online and another one is to follow shortly.

Could the full demo be in sight? Stay tuned…

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