New Single: Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn ft. Adam Lambert – ‘Can’t Go Home Like This’

A few weeks ago, Steve Aoki teased that he teamed up with Adam Lambert for his new single ‘Can’t Go Home Like This’. The dance anthem is slated for release later this month, but it looks like a version of the song has popped up online – courtesy of rnbexclusive, a few days earlier than expected.

Now this is more like it! Fresh off the underwhelming ‘Welcome To The Show’, Adam finds his spot back on the dance floor with this modernized house banger. Why Adam doesn’t dabble more with EDM is a mystery? Electronic music can take some of the most powerful vocalists and made them sound larger than life. Do we even have to say that he has the chops to make some damage with a more electronic focused sound?

We wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Can’t Go Home Like This’ gained some traction? It’s sound is fairly minimal and beckons some of the magic that made ‘Where Are U Now’ such a monster.

Could this be the song that changes everything for Adam?

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51 Responses

  1. Miachihu says:

    “Why Adam doesn’t dabble more with EDM is a mystery?” Maybe it’s a mystery to you, but not to his fans!

  2. Richard Baxter says:

    Care to enlighten since you have the answer? Historically, Adam has only teamed up with a DJ once before this track.

  3. Christine Rowe says:

    What do you mean, “changes everything for Adam”? I think he’s doing just fine.

  4. ALFAN says:

    “Historically, Adam has only teamed up with a DJ once before this.”

    If you’re referring to Aviici and ‘Lay Me Down”,then yes he has. Aviici teased Adam’s fans for a period of time suggesting that Lay Me Down ‘might’ be released as a single and then,sadly, it never was. Great song and would have been great on the radio. Far better than his (Aviici’s) other offerings,imo. So maybe that’s part of the reason. Adam can put out a great performance as a featured artist but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be released as a single.

    I really like Welcome To The Show. Displays Adam’s versatility as an artist. His songs don’t sound the same and he can interpret EACH offering like no other.

  5. I like Adam says:

    I’m a fan and I also think WTTS is of the wrong tempo.. But who knows, people like ‘hello’ might like that. Besides, Adam is not a big name that gets automatically played. I’m very grateful that a DJ is willing to ‘feat’ him. That’s a hip association with a current crowd.

  6. Richard Baxter says:

    Adam has the potential to be the biggest male pop star and, to be frank, he is not seeing the success he deserves.

  7. Richard Baxter says:

    Agree that ‘Lay Me Down’ should have been a single! What a monster song – such a shame.

  8. Richard Baxter says:

    This is the perfect commentary on the state of Adam Lambert. Honest and truthful, yet supportive. That’s what a true fan is. Thank you for seeing what we see!

  9. Christine Rowe says:

    Ok he could be a huge pop star but there is a reason he isn’t. IDK why, it’s just so. But what he is doing, IMO, is building a long term career, slowly being acknowledged as the best singer out there, creating new opportunities in tv roles and not confined in the box “pop star.” He’s much too versatile for that.

  10. Richard Baxter says:

    Agreed – It looks like the problem is his label is not investing enough time in the US. Internationally, he’s pretty strong. Here? It’s a different story.

  11. Merisander says:

    Recent quote from Adam from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (

    “Q. Do you ever feel, as some of your fans do, you’re not as successful as you deserve to be?

    A. This isn’t the Olympics, this is music. It’s not about getting a medal, it’s about moving people, it’s about connecting with people. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the business. It’s not really why I got into it in the first place, so I like to keep my eye not on the prize, but on the experience of getting to create music. I’m very lucky.”

  12. Carrie says:

    I can see both sides of Adam’s success, that he should be topping the charts here in the US as he is in other countries but also the broader picture of the varied, amazing career he has going right now. The American listeners aren’t looking for talent, they don’t care about auto tune and lip synching, it’s all about being young, in the news, and what they perceive as “cool.” It’s exciting that Adam is dipping his toes into so many different pools, and this EDM track is awesome, but I also love WTTS and many tracks from TOH. As long as he is creating, is making $ to support his expensive wardrobe choices, and is happy, I’m onboard.

  13. Arleen says:

    Hope this song is a Mega Hit!… Adam is way overdue for Super Star Status!… He’s got the best voice in music today!!!!… There I Said it!

  14. ALFAN says:

    “The American listeners aren’t looking for talent, they don’t care about auto tune and lip synching,……”

    Spot on! My sentiments exactly.

    Some of the current artists’ uber-success is head-scratching. Really. I’ve often thought that Adam may just be TOO much talent for the listeners,and when they hear him LIVE they can’t believe that those vocals come out without the help of auto tune or backing tracks (lip synch).

    I love that Adam doesn’t mind taking risks. Again,not too many artists can shift from different genres as easily as Adam. He’s one of the most versatile artists I have ever witnessed. The songs WTTS and Can’t Go Home….are so different,and yet he makes them both work. Always keeping his fans guessing. I love that about him.

  15. I love Adam says:

    I agree he should be the biggest male pop star out there not because I have been stuck in a competition mode since idol but this guy has ‘IT’. Yet his singles were not particularly standout. Also, modern heartthrobs in recent history in US and UK are all r&b-ish singers. Assuming someone hasn’t seen him perform but vaguely knew he was from idol; that person wouldn’t go all fangirling about him. Maybe he can hire Bernie’s marketer to brand him. (joking)
    Just IMO, I really love this Aoki song. The vocal is so sexy, gives me goosebumps. If I was at dance party and heard it, I would look him up. Now I just hope and pray it is played on the radio.

  16. gray says:

    I really love this new single. If only radio will play it, I strongly feel it will be a big hit! His voice is so buttery here, he doesn’t need to always hit the high notes!

  17. Ephyne says:

    This song is BOMB… and Adam’s voice is *perfect*.
    He’s done some new things with his voice here, and they’re working for me.

    While Welcome To The Show had a slower tempo than I expected, I still liked it and it’s clearly growing on me because I keep going to back to listen to it. I think it’s one of those songs that’s a grower… Sneaks up on you that way. Plus, his vocals on it are huge.

    But THIS. This is smooth. A+

  18. almost home says:

    So many people think Adam is talented and should do this or that kind of music – typically the music they happen to like – pop, dance, pop-rock, classic rock, EDM, even opera (!). He is having fun doing all different kinds of things as the opportunities arise. Personally, I love the variation in genres and sounds. I, too, like the buttery sound of his voice on this song.

  19. Ephyne says:

    P.S. And I totally agree with what’s been said regarding Another Lonely Night and Adam’s deserving more success. On top of all his talent, he also seems like such a genuine guy.
    While I wish the mainstream could see just how versatile and just how plain GOOD he is… I’m happy as long as he sticks around and keeps it going, whatever it may be. *I’ll just be waiting and boppin’ along to the next great thing he does.* \o/

  20. Lauriellen says:

    In my never to be humble old(er) Glambert Queen-loving rocker opinion, Adam’s voice sounds the best pure, acoustic, unplugged, LIVE. EDM can make a duck farting into a dance track. I also think Adam is a couple of years too old to being trying to break into POP music. That said, I will purchase this song and anything else he does because I love him and want to see him be successful. I just experienced him for the 11th time in Nashville. His voice makes every pore of my body tingle.

  21. Richard Baxter says:

    Sounds a bit ageist that he can’t break into pop music in his mid-30’s…

  22. Allie says:

    The word “underwhelming” doesn’t even belong anywhere near the name Adam Lambert. Anything he does, is 100x better than anyone else out there. “Welcome To The Show” is a beautiful anthem LISTEN to the lyrics.. TO say it’s “underwhelming” is a lack of brainwaves on your part. For America, not to see, not to “get” him..what a shame to be so blind and bow down to the likes of mediocre talent like Bieber and the rest. That doesn’t make Adam Lambert any less of an amazing performer,it just makes everyone look like clueless fools.

  23. Richard Baxter says:

    Thanks for the compliment! Remember, it’s just our opinion and doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. What matters it the fans support the song. Seems like a concept that requires brainwaves – don’t you think?

  24. Dee Marcucci says:

    Even though Adam says he is happy with his career, could not hurt to be more accepted in mainstream America…He is certainly so talented. The Avicii song he got no credit for….this new song and also his new release Welcome to the show are both really good songs…hopefully he will get the airplay he deserves….

  25. Ann says:

    God really love this track. This guy is so versatil a really greay artsit from rock to pop to Edm. He is unstoppable..

  26. Mary A Selva says:

    In his early days Adam and a friend did dance tracks and teamed up with at least one well known DJ. Look up Digital Glitter on YouTube and iTunes. His voice lends itself to many genres well. Red House? Stunning! Girl Crush? Gorgeous. Whole Lotta Love, yum. The Light on current album? Delish. Killer Queen, KILLER with camp to spare. I love both Welcome to the Show, a tailor-made statement, vocals to die for, and Can’t Go Home, nice lyrics and melody. Maybe Aoki will do an album edit, as he did say it will go on his next album.

  27. Leigh says:

    Re: too old for POP music? – Rachel Platten – older than Lambert – huge hit with “Fight Song” – so age is not a complete determinant it would seem –

  28. I love Adam says:

    Count me on the boat of different brainwaves. I think there were mistakes in the past regarding single choices and his images. General public listen to songs that stoke them, either the tempo is insta bop or the lyrics resonates. They would not go dig out an artist’s own show performance to see whether he/she is good. So no matter how good Adam is as a live performer; NOT MANY people know and they don’t care. Also, you have to understand those popular stars, they build a fan base on shows they were actors on. Then, there were business financiers to promote them. I am very happy that MM is still there and label is pretty supportive so far. There are a lot of amazing singers out there that don’t have hit songs or fan base big enough. YMMV If you don’t like queen Bey’s songs, I would not call you a clueless fool. It does not make her less a performer.

  29. Sandy says:

    Touche Mr Baxter 😉
    I think everyone wants Adam to have the huge success he deserves.
    He certainly has the talent and the work ethic to make that happen.
    In the meantime, I LOVE this!!!!!!

  30. Alex says:

    “Why Adam doesn’t dabble more with EDM is a mystery?” What??? Are you seriously qualified to even write an article? Because he has to dabble only in the genre you dig??
    Underwhelming my a***, you just need a stupid EDM beat to be overwhelmed. Welcome To The Show is a much more glorious and heartfelt memorable song than a dance beat.
    Keep personal opinion of just you out of an article if you want to be professional

  31. Terrance Gray says:

    LOL Adam is doing perfectly fine. He’s more successful than 99.9% of the artists out there so I’m sure he’s happy. He’s also currently so busy with so many different exciting projects & tours he barely has time to scratch his ass & he’s still winning awards & topping charts around the world (just won several more awards in Czechoslovakia) so let’s not get too doom & gloom. Americans do tend to think the only success that counts is US success but that’s Americans for you. The US is also notorious for being only interested in a chosen few often generic, bland & “safe” artists & not looking beyond those usual suspects regardless of relative talent or merit. Anyone a bit more risque or cutting edge or different in any way gets kicked to the curb which is why so many of the iconic artists in the past have focused on the rest of the world instead, just like Adam is doing. One day the USA will be forced to catch up like they were with Bowie, Queen etc. Robbie WIlliams (who most of you Americans probably don’t know) once famously told another artist not to bother with the US market as it’s too up it’s own ass & to focus on Europe or Asia instead. Adam is a success in those regions without even trying. Welcome To The Show is actually a well composed & produced track, more sonically sophisticated than CGH & far more complex than most “music fans” will realise because it’s heavily disguised under simple lyrics & pop-standard repetitions. I prefer this Aoki track TBH but it’s just a matter of taste. Meanwhile, is this a good track? Yes it is. Is it the best song Adam has ever recorded? Far from it. Several of Adam’s TOH album tracks are far superior creations & also his criminally under-valued (tho critically acclaimed) Trespassing album contains much more worthy compositions. But if you’re a big fan of EDM & not so much into other genres then yes this one is the best of everything he’s recorded because it’s only the 2nd pure EDM song he’s ever done & the other one was over-produced courtesy of the king of over-production – Avicii. Lay Me Down performed live at Adam’s concerts is a whole different kettle of fish tho. Well worth hearing. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth.

  32. Richard Baxter says:

    Exactly. To the larger public, he’s incredibly underrated and that should change.

  33. Richard Baxter says:

    Exactly! One song can change it all – nothing else matters.

  34. Richard Baxter says:


  35. Richard Baxter says:

    Hey – did you really have to publish the same comment 7 times? We encourage you to explore the countless articles on this site praising Adam instead of flying off the handle because we don’t like one song. Being a fan doesn’t mean liking everything an artist does.

    Also – my site, my opinion, my rules. No one forces you to read, visit, or comment.

  36. Richard Baxter says:

    Personally – not such a big EDM fan. but Adam’s big voice suits the genre which is why we gave this a favorable review. Have to agree with you how solid ‘Trespassing’ is. Completely CRIMINAL that RCA just dumped it and did nothing for it.

  37. Terrance Gray says:

    Oops… LOL my comment sort of turned into a book. ROFL Sorry about that just got a bit carried away. If you had an edit option I’d cut it down but oh well. Most people probaby wont bother reading it anyway hahahaha. Cheers.

  38. Jane says:

    Why should anyone be “grateful” a DJ asked Adam to lend his amazing vocals to their track. Adam is in demand at the moment. He turned down offers for the lead in RHPS & the lead in Hedwig (Broadway), recorded a commercial, performed at country music awards, Clive Davies Grammy do etc, is on a solid world solo tour, straight into a headliner Queen tour after that. He’s doing interviews, tv spots, radio chats, filming music videos, shoots his Eddie role next month & released a single with a Swedish pop star last week while recovering from serious illness, rehearsing/performing for Idol & preparing for his brother’s wedding on the weekend (and it’s only March!). Somewhere in the middle of all that he managed to find time & energy to do some epic vocals for Steve’s EDM track. I doubt Steve felt like he was doing Adam a favour… LMAO quite the opposite. Why do Adam’s fans keep treating him like a loser when he has so much to celebrate? Poor bloke #NotAllSuccessIsMeasuredTheSameWay

  39. Richard Baxter says:

    Who and where does it say that Adam should be grateful?

  40. I love Adam says:

    Please keep it real. No desrespect to other stars that play those roles or any drag queens. However, those two roles type cast him as man in drag, if you want your fav be forever remembered by the public as a man in drag, there is the demand. Besides there’s the reality show contestant stigma, I shall not explain further..
    One more thing, dissing other pop stars does Adam no favor, one would hope he has a big enough crowd like that, who knows, one of those fan would turn around appreciate him. In that aspect, yeah it’s not a competition and people should be allowed to stan in multiple fandoms, have different taste in music and agree Adam as a good live performer.

  41. judi says:

    The bottom line is,WOW !!! This will be a smash hit !!

  42. bridgeymah says:

    I’m not usually an EDM fan but just love this song. Hope it’s a hit. Love the production, Adam’s voice, pretty much all of it. Thanks for posting it.

  43. Jeannine says:

    I love both these tracks for different reasons. WTTS hit me right away as a heartfelt message from Adam to his fans.When he sang it on AI, he seemed to be giving it directly to us and I was moved…or maybe it was just that his vocals and the emotion he puts into them hits all the right spots in my brain. CLG evokes a different feeling and response in me. It is fun, it has a bit of Sade smooth operator vibe in my opinion that catches you as soon as he starts singing and makes you want to sing and dance along. You asked if this song will “change everything” for Adam? It depends on what barometer you use to define success. Considering the many obstacles he has had to push through to gain his current level of success, I don’t believe that just one hit would make him achieve the level of popularity in the US enjoyed by the likes of our current pop icons, even though his voice is arguably as good if not better than almost every “pop” star out there.. In interviews he is quite humble about this, yet instead of giving up, he continues to chase the dream, to reach out for every opportunity, to embrace more projects that keep him working, and he truly seems to be grateful for every single one of them. Because of this, I will continue to watch his career unfold with great anticipation of what is next. It has proven to always be a fun ride.

  44. Richard Baxter says:

    You’re very welcome!

  45. Alex says:

    A commentator said so Richard. It’s baffling how some fans patronize him. They’re like his mommies who think he’s never enough. Grateful to a DJ that featured him??? Are you of this earth??
    Also, sick of the idiot fan and ones alike him who said he’s too old for dance/pop!? pushing ageism while they’re probably older than him!
    I’m much younger than Adam, and don’t consider him old for anything!

  46. Richard Baxter says:

    The great thing about Adam is that he can do a lot with his sound and voice which makes him extremely unique. You can have the best of both worlds with WTTS & CGH. Who could want anything more?

  47. Moni says:

    This is an interesting article and a lively discussion. There seem to be only real fans, if not glamberts, here – I really feel at home 🙂 And thank you for posting the music! I love both new songs very much, even when or better especially because they’re so different. – Referring to this: yesterday the track CGH was on youtube, but when I wanted to download it, my Internet went down. Of course I will buy CGH immediately as soon as it is possible (as well as any other song you can buy from Adam). Does anybody know if one can buy it and where or if one can download it and where? Thank you very much!

  48. Richard Baxter says:

    Unfortunately, we will not provide any download links – but it’s rumored to be released before the end of the month!

  49. Alex says:

    You have to wait to buy CGH. Not released yet. This is leaked.

  50. Moni says:

    Ok, thanks! It’s hard to wait but I think I’ll manage it 🙂 … and please excuse my english, it’s a bit rough.

  51. Jeannine says:

    Alex, you may be misinterpreting the use of the term “grateful.” Adam does not need to be grateful to the DJ that featured him, but he himself has stated how “grateful” he is for the talent that allows him to do so many varied projects. That kind of humility is true and beneficial to life and actually a bit uncommon for a young man in his early thirties to have as a consistent theme in his life. That is the kind of mental outlook that everyone should strive for, being grateful for whatever talents you possess then not being afraid to use them in every way possible to be successful. Just food for thought…..

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