New Track: Elliphant ft. Azealia Banks – ‘Everybody’

This Friday, Elliphant unleashes her sophomore album, ‘Living Life Golden’. So far, all the material has been underwhelming and we haven’t really been looking forward to the set. Luckily, the Azealia Banks featured song ‘Everybody’ has arrived and has slightly reignited out interest in the album.

Starting off rather contorted and disjointed, all the chaos subsides seconds later into a breezy, dance-hall beat and reminds us why Elliphant is so great. There really is no chorus, no blueprint melody – just Elliphant letting the beat seemingly guide her as if she was chasing the waves on the beach.

The real shining moment of the song is when Azealia jumps in on the third voice bragging about how ‘all the rappers wanting to steal from me’ and how she no longer fucks with those industry label deals. It’s – hands down – the most pop sound we’ve heard from her, thus far. Say what you want and think what you want (she’s given you enough reasons), but there’s no denying how versatile Banks really is. We wouldn’t necessarily be mad if she hopped on another pop feature in the future.


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