New Track: Fifth Harmony – ‘The Life’

Surprise Harmonizers! You thought you had to wait until the release of ‘7/27′ to hear new Fifth Harmony, right? Wrong! Today, the girls surprise released the first official promo track from their forthcoming record ‘The Life’.

Another solid urban-pop anthem from these girls (co-written by Tinashe, no less)! We don’t know what got into them, but we’re sure feeling it! ‘The Life’ has all the makings of being a huge summer smash. Don’t be surprised if it becomes a single right after ‘Work From Home’ peaks.

Tapping into the YOLO kind of life, the girls sing about living it up “pool side, sippin’ on Mai Tais” on this dancehall influenced track.

This is the life-life-life/This is the life/Givin’ it up for the kid/Eatin’ good/Gettin’ lit/Livin’ life/feelin’ rich/This is the life/We the best in the biz/Breakin’ up ain’t a chance/Livin’ life/feelin’ rich/This is the life

Give us mooooore, ladies!


Download ‘The Life on iTunes.

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