New Track: Meghan Trainor – ‘Watch Me Do’

Nothing like a surprise release to shake things up in the morning! Fresh off the release of her ‘No” music video earlier this week, Meghan has dropped ‘Watch Me Do’ – the rumored second single off her forthcoming sophomore album ‘Thank You’.

A bit of a change up from ‘No’! Forgoing the early 2000’s vibe that the lead single evoked, ‘Watch Me Do’ finds Meghan treading into funk-driven James Brown territory (she does shout him out on the track after all).

Lyrically, she’s staying pretty on brand – woman empowerment, self-love, anthem, blah blah blah. You know, the usual.

I ain’t saying I’m the besteses/But I got nice curves, nice breasteses/I don’t waste the textes for my exeses/All in my DMs leaving messages, woo!/Head spinnin’ like an exorcist/And I ain’t a teacher but the lesson is/If you wan’ know how I make it look effortless/The answer to your question is/Watch me do!

Not half bad. Could be a decent follow up to ‘No’, but something stronger might be on the album that we’re not aware of. Also, releasing a potential second single this early? It may not make an impact several months down the line – everyone will have heard it over and over.

Thoughts on ‘Watch Me Do’?


Download ‘Watch Me Do’ on iTunes.

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