Nick Jonas Announces ‘Last Year Was Complicated’

In a little less than 24 hours, the world will experience a brand new Nick Jonas song ft. Tove Lo. The single has seemingly come out of nowhere so it would only make sense that the announcement of Nick’s forthcoming album would follow in a similar fashion.

Late last night (or this morning, depending on your location), Nick had a bit of emotional word vomit on Twitter and spilled nearly all the details about his forthcoming album, title ‘Last Year Was Complicated’.

A lot on my mind tonight…I’ve been making this record for a year and a half… Pouring everything I have into it. Tomorrow night I’m gonna show the world the first single. When I first started making I thought I knew what it would be about… Then I had a breakup. It then became very clear what this thing would be about… And that I would need to dig really deep. Shit is too real sometimes…Reliving some of these real life experiences through this music is hard. But I know it’s important that I do it. I want to be an open book in my art..The first song you’re gonna hear tomorrow night is about how I literally can’t open up and be vulnerable with someone..Every song is so personal and meaningful to me..

Some of the best music comes from heartache and Nick has such a solid 2014 and 2015 with his self-titled solo album. Really, all eyes are on him to see what he’s going to do and say next. We haven’t heard any of the material yet, but it sounds like he’s on the right path to take his artistry to the next level.

Close’ will be available tonight. ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ will be out June 10th and feature collaborations from Tove Lo, Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ign, Allen Iverson, and more. See the full tracklist for the album below.

‘Champagne Problems’
‘Good Girls’
‘The Difference’
‘Don’t Make Me Choose’
‘Under You’

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