Video Premiere: Hailee Steinfeld ft. DNCE – ‘Rock Bottom’

Slowly. but surely; Hailee Steinfeld is determined to break out as a formidable opponent in pop. Her debut single ‘Love Myself’ shot to the top half of the charts and it looks like she’s ready to exceed that success with her new single ‘Rock Bottom’. Today, she aims to officially kick things up a notch with the song’s music video ft. the Joe Jonas fronted band DNCE.

Cute! Your typical overtly passionate, yet volatile¬†couple going through the motions. Hailee gets to show off those Oscar nominated acting skill so that’s always a plus. Things get a little lost in translation once DNCE steps into the mix. Are we really supposed to believe that reality suspends and Hailee joins the band on stage and no one seems to think it’s odd?

Whatever, we’ll take it if that’s what’s being offered. More videos ASAP of Hailee showing off her acting chops though.


Download ‘Rock Bottom’ ft. DNCE on iTunes.
Stream¬†‘Rock Bottom’ ft. DNCE on Spotify.

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