POPTalk: Justin Bieber, His Comeback, & What Could Be The Next Single From ‘Purpose’

It’s clear as day – Justin Bieber has had one hell of a comeback and proves to be one of the most successful artists to reinvent themselves after such a bleak period.

For about year, Justin has been releasing hit after hit – stating Jack U’s ‘Where Are U Now’ and going as far as to his latest #1 hit, ‘Love Yourself’. The fans confirm it, the numbers confirm it, and (most importantly) the general public confirms it: We love Justin Bieber again!

To be frank, Justin happens to be the only male pop star today that is delivering what we’ve come to expect from our male icons. Based on that alone, it’s not a surprise that the world is eating him up again.

So after such a solid comeback, what’s next for the ‘Purpose’ singer? He just began his world tour and his latest single ‘Company’ is slowly rising on the charts. Was it the right single choice? Will it continue his streak of #1s off of ‘Purpose’? Are there any other hits left on the record?

We dive into all that and more in the latest episode of POPTalk! Check out the clip below and let us know your thoughts on what the future holds for the Biebs.

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