Nick Jonas Shares Details About ‘Last Year Was Complicated’

We’re slowly closing out the first quarter of 2016 and a lot of artists are gearing up for summer releases. Nick Jonas just joined that line up when he released his new single, ‘Close’, on Friday along with the announcement of the tile of his new album, ‘Last Year Was Complicated’.

Everything seemingly came out of nowhere, but there’s a strong connection we can make when it comes to the title – Nick’s highly publicized break up with Olivia Cuplo. It was inevitable that the follow up to his self titled album would be heavily inspired by the end of the relationship. Nick confirmed all of the speculation when he hit up The Zach Sang Show on Friday to talk about his new single and album. So what did we learn from his sit down? A whoooole lot about the upcoming record…

  1. Jay-Z helped pick the unusual album title.

The thing I was really focused on when making the record was that we all go through the same things. The whole backstory for the title of the album is that I was making the record, came to a point where I felt like I was nearly finished and I went in and played it for Jay-Z and had a title picked out which is one of the songs on the record called ‘Unhinged’. He was like, “After hearing the record and as I’m getting to know you more and more, I feel like that doesn’t embody the whole body of work. So tell me about this year of your life, what has it been like?” So I was like, ‘Last year was complicated.” And he was like, “That’s it”.

  1. Nick aimed to balance the light and the dark with what sounds like his most open and honest material to date.

With this record, most of it came from a very, very real place. So the twelves song on the album are all incredibly important to me and very personal – and then there are ones that may not be heavy and depressing. There’s still come lighter tones to the record as well. It’s really just an open book about my life.

  1. The album’s second single has already been picked and the video has been shot.

There’s a really important song on this album called ‘Chainsaw’ which I’m hoping will be the second single. To me, it’s about walking through the house that I went to with my ex up in Mammoth, California and reliving a lot of the relationship. The couch reminded me of her and the plates and – everything is a thing. I think that’s something a lot of people can relate to. When you shared something with somebody, it’s still painful in some way.

  1. There’s a song called ‘Champagne Problems’ that Nick describes as one of the most personal songs on the record.

I’m really excited for the people to hear this one. This is actually one of the most personal songs – but it strangely kind feels like a party jam. So it’s got this really great beat. It’s a little bit of a throwback vibe, so there’s that element to it. My goal is with every club when they bring out that bottle of champagne this will be the song playing even though it’s about something kind of sad.

  1. Nick FINALLY explains what ‘Bacon’ all about.

Basically the idea of the song is when you finally find a little bit of peace after something has ended and you’re living your life and you realize you are happy, you’re content – and you’re saying life is so good…basically, throw some bacon on it…because bacon makes everything better.

  1. The mystery behind the Allen Iverson feature was explained

It’s a song called ‘Comfortable’ and we were writing the verse for the song. The whole idea about the song is trusting somebody and who you place your trust in and the verse says “Iverson was right, it’s only practice. I don’t need a mic. I’m living my life in solid gold.” It’s about being happy, being content. We were watching SportsCenter and trying to figure out what we wanted to do with the bridge of the song. And that famous “practice” speech came on. So we just took the audio, put it in the track, and it fit perfect – and it sounds like a spoken word. When you hear it in context, it sounds like we planned it or something.

With all these new details about the album, are you even more ready for ‘Last Year Was Complicated’?

Pre-order’Last Year Was Complicated’ on iTunes.

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