Selena Gomez Confirms That ‘Kill Em With Kindess’ Is The Fourth Single From ‘Revival’

For the past month and a half, Selena Gomez has revealed little by little that she’s in the studio working on new music. While she’s eager to head out on the Revival World Tour and bring her creative family along for the ride, she still has plans to wrap up ‘Revival’ with one last single.

In a recent radio interview, Selena made it seem like that a fourth single announcement from ‘Revival’ was imminent.

I think we’re gearing up for one more single, but to be honest I’ve been in the studio and I’ve been in this place where I felt very inspired. I’m really proud of ‘Revival’, but in a way I feel like I’m going into this next chapter. 

I think we’re going to release another single. We want to and we’re working on that now, but already creating new stuff too.

New music may be on deck for an end of the year release for a few reasons. For one, she’s been an unstoppable force for the pat year with hit after hit so the label and Selena should want to keep her momentum going. She’s also put in work with Ross Golan (the man behind songs on ‘Revival’ like ‘Same Old Love’ and ‘Survivors’ and Ariana Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman’) this past week. She may have a lot on her plate, but the plans for the next record seem pretty in place.

But let’s get back to the fourth single news – what could it be? There was a report a month ago that ‘Nobody would be serviced to Christian radio in hopes of crossover success. Is that the right choice though? We’re heading into the warmer months so that needs to be taken into account and we can’t remember the last time a Christian song exploded on pop radio. So what else?

At one point before the album’s release, Selena promised that ‘Sober’ would be a single at some point and it might the wisest choice. It’ll show a different side of her rebirth and it’s the smash that’s been waiting to break free since October. On the other hand, she could follow her set of upbeat songs with a choice that many have heard before – like ‘Me & The Rhythm’ or ‘Me & My Girls’. But what that be predictable?

Whatever song that Selena choses will surely be another hit for her and it should be revealed shortly. The Revival World Tour begins in May and she’s got one month to shoot the video. Stay on your toes for an official announcement coming really soon.

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Turns out Selena has her sights set on ‘Kill Em With Kindness’ to be the fourth single from ‘Revival’. Thoughts?


Selena has confirmed in a new radio interview that ‘Kill Em With Kindness’ will be the final single from ‘Revival’. Are you sad to see other potential singles go to waste?

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  1. Austin Whitley says:

    Um one more single. Why just one when your tour last till July, and you won’t go overseas till later. If I were you if this single does well, then I would keep releasing so people don’t get bored of you and so you don’t drag out and the music dies before your tour. To be honest your tour should have started by now. Way to far between album and tour.

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