Azealia Banks Shape Shifts On ‘Slay-Z’ Mixtape


To rely on new music from Azealia Banks is something that many are wise not to do. Yet, we still got her latest mixtape ‘Slay-Z’ relatively on time. Grant it, a sound engineer began to leak the eight track set and triggered the rush-released – but hey, if that didn’t happen we could still be waiting.

Love her or hate her, an Azealia Banks release is always undeniably thrilling. This time, Azealia didn’t set out to make a consistent body of work much like her debut ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’. In fact, Azealia managed to shape shift into every genre she possibly could.

One minute she’s spitting bars alongside one of the greatest male MCs on ‘Big Talk’ and the next she’s diving headfirst into the EDM world on the explosive trance track ‘Used To Being Alone’. Grant it, she’s still giving us classic Azealia on the house driven ‘The Big Big Beat’ and the Rihanna reject ‘Can’t Do It Like Me’; but the way she so effortlessly chamelonizes herself on the high energy club track ‘Queen of Clubs’ and the bratty, cheerleady-pop ‘Riot’ is nothing short of brilliance.

We get it – Azealia is not for everyone, but she really managed to offer something for everybody on ‘Slay-Z’. Hard hitting rap? Check. Straight forward pop? Check. Breezy, funk driven jazz? Check. Electronic club music that’ll melt your face off? Check.

That’s the beauty about Azealia Banks – she can be anything at anytime. Now if only she can get it together…just imagine the force she would be.


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