Justin Bieber Performs New Song ‘Look At The Stars’ At The Purpose Tour

He’s done it before and we knew he would do it again. Last night during the Purpose Tour in Fresno, Justin premiered a new unreleased song ‘Look At The Stars’ for thousands of Beliebers in the audience.

To be honest, it seems like something he’s just created and is fiddling around with. ‘Insecurities’ was more solid, more shaped out. It’s no secret that Justin is in the midst of creating his next record and he’s finding inspiration everywhere. It may be too early to call it, but he could have something on his hands with this hook.

Would you be interested in hearing a full version of ‘Look At The Stars’ soon?

What lies ahead for Justin Bieber?
Watch the latest episode of POPTalk to find out what could be next for the Biebs.

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