Video Premiere: Iggy Azalea – ‘TEAM’

Less than a week ago, Iggy Azalea returned to the scene with her new single ‘TEAM’. After a pretty sizable debut, Iggy is ready to promote the hell out of her new hit – starting with the music video.

Not too sure what’s going on in this video and why Iggy seems to be on the run. Is she escaping a correctional facility? Is the CIA after her for cultural appropriation (we’re kidding!)? What’s the deal?

Whatever the deal is, it doesn’t matter. We’re into the ‘TEAM video. It’s got a rough edge to it, similar to the track’s production. It gives off a bit of an old rap video feel – flashiness, bit of choreography around the breakdown of the song. It’s a win in our book!

Download ‘TEAM’ on iTunes.
Stream ‘TEAM’ on Spotify.

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