New Track: Kygo ft. Kodaline – ‘Raging’

Kygo is set to drop his debut album – ‘Cloud 9′ – this May and the Norwegian DJ has promised a steady stream of music until its release. This week, a brand new track called ‘Raging’ is set for release that shows a different side to his usual tropical house vibe.

Much like ‘Fragile’, ‘Raging’ incorporates more of an acoustic feel to it ; but this time we’re getting more of a guitar based EDM laced track instead of a piano based one. There are some elements of his token-tropical house sound weaved into the song’s DNA, but Kygo finally has a song that can be differentiated from the bunch. Don’t get us wrong – we love Kygo and everything he does. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell his songs apart unless you’re really listening.

The mark of a great artist is to go out on a limb and try new things, but to stay consistent. It seems like Kygo has finally plugged into that idea.

Raging’ is available on iTunes.

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