New Single: Jason Derulo – ‘If It Ain’t Love’

There’s whispers of a Jason Derulo mixtape dropping sometime soon, but nothing has truly confirmed that. It seems like we’re one step closer to a new Jason era with the release of his new single ‘If It Ain’t Love’.

And with a new single and potentially a new era comes a new sound from Jason. His previous release ‘Naked’ took him into a more rap/R&B lane and his last single from ‘Everything Is 4′ channeled that urban-pop sound he found success with after the explosion of ‘Talk Dirty’. Jason has always had a knack for dance-pop music and the house-EDM ‘If It Ain’t Love’ takes him right into that sweet spot again. No doubt this will be a huge song of the summer for him.


Download ‘If It Ain’t Love’ on iTunes.
Stream’If It Ain’t Love’ on Spotify.

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