Aaron Carter Returns With ‘Fool’s Gold’

Stranger things have happened on April Fool’s Day, but nothing like an Aaron Carter comeback. The pint-sized child star who’s had his fair share of drama over the past few years is finally ready to give it another go.  The younger Carter brother dropped the slick new single ‘Fool’s Gold’ and its music video on Friday, surprisingly nearly everyone once they pressed play.

The most shocking thing about this is how good it actually is. The song hits all the right notes and is completely on trend and the surreal music video successfully pushes the envelope and sets up a more mature artist.

It’s…interesting. We’ll give it that. Will anything come from this? Hard to say – his name will be the biggest thing he has to overcome. It’ll be a long journey to get over that, but if he keeps this up he should be fine.


Buy ‘Fool’s Gold’ on iTunes.

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