Allie X To Release ‘CollXtion II’ This Spring

Last year, Allie X wowed the work with her dark electro-pop opera ‘CollXtion I’ – an EP comprised of genre blending songs that introduced this new force in pop. Since its release, Allie has been touring around the world and spreading “X” to anyone who crossed her path.

This spring, the pop-art entity will release new music – her highly anticipated follow up to her acclaimed debut EP. In a brief interview with Playboy, Allie had this to share about ‘CollXtion II’:

With each album, I’m telling a new chapter of the story of X. The idea is that listeners will start asking questions of themselves and looking for their own truths. Everyone’s experience of X will be different. In my first EP, CollXtion I, the girl’s shadow split from her real self. It left the two parts missing each other and trying to find a way to reunite. In CollXtion II, the plot moves forward.

Spring has just spring and Allie has a string of tour dates across the pond this month. Something tell us we won’t have to wait too long for the EP. Will ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ appear on the set? Will she collaborate with other artists? That remains to be seen – but mark our words, you’ll want to pay attention to EP when it drops.

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