Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding To Collaborate For A Third Time

There is a God. Despite the fact that Ellie Goulding is doing virtually nothing to push her flawless album ‘Delirium’ (a world tour does not count), the pop star has managed to do something right in the midst of all her questionable behavior lately.

Turns out, Ellie is turning back to an old friend and longtime collaborator, Calvin Harris, to take the EDM world by storm for a third time.

We’ve had duos team up three times before in the past. Once was great, twice was fine, third was just over kill – J.Lo and Pitbull, we’re looking at you. But there’s just something about the magic that Ellie and Calvin create together that really goes beyond that stereotype of “too much”.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Ellie spilled the beans that she’s linking up with Calvin again…as well as another male singer:

Just as infuriatingly, when she lets slip that she and Calvin Harris have recorded a new song (their previous singles were both worldwide hits), she won’t divulge its title; it requires a back-and-forth session totalling 14 questions to glean the news that it also features a male singer who isn’t Justin Bieber. “That’s all you’re getting,” she says, and that’s that.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the world needs a joint album between Ellie and Calvin. Or at least Calvin executive producing Ellie’s next album. Dear god, the hits that would come from that would be endless. If they were promoted, that is…

Are you ready for Callie 3.o?

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