POPTALK: Pop Queen Comebacks

More often than not, certain pop artists have a few years of ruling the charts before they disappear and venture off into different parts of the entertainment industry. Sometimes it’s fashion, sometimes it’s another music related project, and sometimes it might be film or TV. No matter the other endeavors these pop star explore, there’s always a want from fans for them to return to music.

So we got to thinking…if we had to pick three former pop queens to comeback in 2016, who would they be? Turns out, we’re jonesing for Fergie, Kelly Rowland, and Fergie to return and show these other ladies how it’s really done.

All three have been loosely working on music for the past few years now, but the only person we’ve heard a peep from has been Fergie. Other than a one-off single, it’s been relatively silent on her end. Kelly, on the other hand, has three albums with three different sounds ready to go. As for Ashlee – well, she’s apparently always working on music. It’s only a matter of time before she drops that bomb…

Join us during this week’s episode of POPTalk where our three experts reveal why each lady should come back and what they hope they’ll do once they return.

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