Video Premiere: Taylor Swift – ‘New Romantics’

Swifties are going through it right now thanks to the mismanagement of Taylor Swift’s should-have-been smash ‘New Romantics’. The question of not even when a video would drop was making the rounds, but IF a music video was only planned. Well, turns out there was….and it was the exact video treatment we were expecting.

So, we have the typical later in the era concert video. With nearly all the ‘1989′ visuals being stunning artworks, cheap and lazy doesn’t even begin to describe this Apple Music exclusive. If you’ve seen her exclusive 1989 World Tour doc on Apple Music, you’ve already seen this. It’s just one big trailer for it.

But what else did we honestly expect? The ‘1989′ era is finally over and there’s been zero push for ‘New Romantics’. Silver lining? It seems like it’s a fantastic tribute to her fans. Still, it would have nice to close this chapter on a higher note.

Are you disappointed with the ‘New Romantics’ music video?

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