Fifth Harmony Perform ‘Work From Home’ on Chatty Man

Fifth Harmony are on such a high these days with their biggest hit to date ‘Work From Home’. Not only is the song making waves in the States, but the girls are experiencing an overwhelming amount of success internationally. For the first time during this era, the girls are venturing across the pond to hit up the UK circuit – and they’ve decided to give a lifeless performance of their single on Chatty Man.

Seriously – this is the best they could do? The set was incredible – but it seemed like the girls were just crawling through the performance. Jet lag can be a bitch – but we don’t buy that. Truth be told, sometimes they hit their marks and sometimes they don’t. This happens to be one of them. Now, let’s get one thing straight – this wasn’t a complete disaster. We just expect more, especially after that electric performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


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2 Responses

  1. Drake hannin says:

    This is not their first time in the uk circuit …

  2. Richard Baxter says:

    We went brain dead for a second – first time for the ‘7/27’ era!

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