New Single: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Ain’t Your Mama’

It’s almost like clockwork at this point. With another year of American Idol coming to a close, it’s time for Jennifer Lopez to shake off one job and jump right into the next. She confirmed the news at the beginning of the week and her brand new single – ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ has finally arrived. So what is La Lopez serving this time?

A bit of a Caribbean flare! Truthfully, we were holding out for a bit more of a banger, but the summery production (courtesy of Dr. Luke, by the way…J. Lo, sis…) is a welcome change of pace for the singer. And of course, Jen is singing about love – but more specifically how she’s fed up with her man’s behavior.

We used to be crazy in love/Can we go back to how it was?/When did you get too comfortable?/Cause I’m too good for that/Just remember that

Will it be another hit for her? We’ll see…more minimal sounding songs have been smashing lately.


Download ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ on iTunes.

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