Tegan & Sara Release New Single ‘Boyfriend’ & New Track ‘U-Turn’

Finally – we’re entering a new age of Tegan & Sara. With their eighth studio album – ‘Love You To Death’ – prepped for a June release, it’s time to hear a bit of the music that these Canadian pop queens have been working on. Today, not only do they launch the album’s lead single ‘Boyfriend’; the sister duo also release the instant-grat track ‘U-Turn’ for whoever pre-orders their forthcoming record.

With ‘Heartthrob’ taking Tegan & Sara to the next level when it comes to a pop driven sound, both of these tracks find them treading backwards into a territory that feels more familiar to them. Lead single ‘Boyfriend’ is very much influenced by the previous era with its 80s driven synth production. It just comes off less hooky than their recent material. Disappointing? No. Underwhelming? A tad – but does it matter? Did we really want ‘Heartthrob 2.0? No – we want these girls to evolve and both tracks are a great example of taking what they did last time and meshing it with their signature sound.



Pre-order ‘Love You To Death’ on iTunes.

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