New Single: Pitbull ft. Enrique Iglesias – ‘Messin’ Around’

Third times a charm? Despite his past two singles flopping worse than a fish out of water, Pitbull is still determined to start his new era – ‘Climate Change’ – off on the right note. Yesterday, he premiered his new single ‘Messin’ Around’ ft. Enrique Iglesias and we have just one word to describe the song…

Next. Oh, and #JusticeForFREEK. This is not it (much like ‘Freedom’). It’s astounding – someone who was once a notorious hitmaker has finally lost his steam. If the first two releases didn’t do anything, neither will this one. Our advice? Lay low – really wait out this period and come back with something stronger. Pitbull can do it – he can jump on a new trend before it even happens. We’re not so sure why he isn’t clueing into what’s hot right now – but hey, maybe third time is a charm.


Download ‘Messin’ Around’ on iTunes.
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