Introducing: MUNA

Girl band fans – we’ve got a new trio of females to put on your radar. Their names are Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson and they go by the name MUNA. This week, the self-proclaimed dark-pop chicks released their new song ‘Loudspeaker’ and if you’re a fan of 80’s tinged alt-pop, you’ll be sure to love this.

According to their website, MUNA have a knack for “blending the brooding sensuality of R&B, rhythms of funk, and audacity of synthpop with raw, unbridled lyricism.” The girls are prepping for the debut EP – ‘The Loudspeaker EP’ – to drop on May 6th, a collection of songs that the girls have created from top to bottom. Yes – that means written, recorded, and produced all on their own.

If you’re feeling ‘Loudspeaker’ make sure to keep your eye on these ladies and their summer schedule. They’ll be touring all of the States from now until June. For more information on their touring schedule, click here.


Download ‘Loudspeaker’ on iTunes.
Stream ‘Loudspeaker’ on Spotify.

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