M.I.A. Teams Up With H&M For ‘Rewear It’

Color us confused? This week, M.I.A. and H&M are teaming up for the “Rewear It” campaign in honor of World Recycle Week. Since M.I.A. is involved, the clothing corporation decided it would be best for the Sri Lankan rapper to record a song and music video based around the campaign.

While this is for a great cause and sort of touches of the topics M.I.A. is known to rap about in her music…the partnership doesn’t make sense for us. This is one of those times where M.I.A. embraces a large corporation which goes against nearly everything she puts into her music and stands for. But – hey, the campaign strikes close to home for her. So, great. Not sure how the song or the video will push things, but good luck to both parties.

Thoughts on ‘Rewear It’?

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