New Track: Cher Lloyd – ‘Popular’

Earlier this year, Cher Lloyd revealed that she found a new record label and that new music would be coming very shortly. Now, the newly leaked track ‘Popular’ may not end up on her third album – but we sure as hell hope that it isn’t an indication of what to come.

Sorry I’m Late’ pushed Cher forward a bit and allowed her to evolve her sound. She’s always had a playful quality to her sound, but ‘Popular’ is reductive as all hell. This is a huge step backwards and material like this won’t do her any favors. Nobody wants a song about social media followers and being popular online. Nobody.

Does ‘Popular’ make you weary of #CL3?

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2 Responses

  1. Annette says:

    The track is supposed to be satirical…. the entire song she’s making fun of the stupidities current artists do in order to stay in the loop (i.e. doing silly dances, shaking their ass, showing more skin on every Instagram picture, saying “fleek” because it’s the slang, etc) because she knows the fans and the media eat that shit up. As you can hear from the beginning she says “you’re so famous, wish I was,” and she’s literally admitting she’s not even considered famous anymore because she doesn’t ride “that wave” of what’s supposed to be cool and not cool for celebrities. You can’t come to the conclusion that an entire discography will be bad based off a leaked song that’s not even confirmed to be on the album. So no, I am not “weary” of CL3.

  2. Mohammed Ahsan says:

    This is NOT from CL3. It was an experiment track as Cher confirmed herself on Twitter. It won’t be on the album therefore no point judging the album based off this single track.

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