REPORT: Britney Spears To Release Her Ninth Album In May, Lead Single Due Imminently

This is not a drill. Sound the pop emergency alarms because the princess of pop – Ms. Britney Jean Spears – is about to release her first album since 2013’s ‘Britney Jean’.

Alright, let’s back it up a bit. Last spring, Britney released ‘Pretty Girls’ ft. Iggy Azalea and the strategy was to release one-off singles for the time being. Well, we all know how pretty girls went. So Britney went right into album mode. Since then, Britney has reportedly been in the studio with BURNS, Cashmere Cat, Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels, and DJ Mustard to craft what she claims is her “best music to date“. Hell, even her manager, Larry Rudolph, is claiming that this is Britney’s strongest work in a while – a Britney meets The Weeknd kind of vibe.

According to Larry, the record was about 80% complete a month ago. This past week, PopOnAndOn claimed that a new Britney SOMETHING was premiering on last Friday. We all know by now that nothing happened except for a new leg of Piece Of Me. But get this – just now, Robin Leach has basically confirmed that Britney is releasing a new single, like, now and that an album is due in about four weeks.

Fuck. This story is developing so we’ll be updating y’all as soon as we know anything…but it looks like we could be listening to new Britney Spears music this time next week.

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