POPTalk: Jennifer Lopez’s BEST Lead Single

For the past week, it’s been all about Jennifer Lopez…more so than usual. After a year of musical silence, the fiercest woman in pop finally returned with ‘Ain’t You Mama.

It’s been alarming how well the song has been doing by simple word of mouth. Sure, the American Idol finale performance had something to do with its surge on the iTunes charts, but even before the performance it was riding high in the top 20 of the main charts.

We gave our opinion last week in our review of the track, but since it’s such a hot topic in pop we decided to assemble the POPTalk panel (with the help of a special guest!) to discuss first impressions on her latest release.

Then we got to thinking…this is album 11 for J. Lo. She’s had numerous lead singles that have all had some sort of impact on pop culture. How do they all rank when stacked up against each other? So we went down the list – from ‘If You Had My Love’ to ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ – and rated every single lead single that Jennifer Lopez has had from a pop album.

Curious to see where your favorite lead single fell? Click below to watch the latest episode of POPTalk all about Jennifer Lopez!

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