REPORT: Britney Spears To Perform ‘Make Me (Oooh)’ at the Billboard Music Awards

Earlier this week, Ciara and Ludacris appeared on Good Morning America to reveal this year’s nominees for the Billboard Music Awards. Now, no performers have been announced as of today, but there’s a report swirling around the Internet that Britney Spears will give the debut performance of her new single, ‘Make Me (Oooh) at the show.

Now, this report from the Daily Star isn’t too far-fetched. Britney has performed on the award show twice within the past five years…and it’s the only award show she’s chosen to perform since 2007.

“Everyone knows Britney brings in massive ratings, so it was a no-brainer for producers to try and get her on board. With her new single dropping a couple of days before the show timing couldn’t be more perfect. She is in the best shape of her life so the performance is set to be a massive return to the top.”

They have a point – the timing of it all makes sense. ‘Make Me (Oooh)’ will most likely be released the week before or a few days before the award show. Not only does the timing make sense, but the location as well. The Billboard Music Awards are slated to take place in Las Vegas and guess where Britney spends most of her time?

Could we be in for another performance from Britney that will send her new single to the top? Time will tell…

Do you want to see Britney perform ‘Make Me (Oooh)’ for the first time at the BBMAs?

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