Ariana Grande Reveals The ‘Dangerous Woman’ Track List

T-minus one month until Ariana Grande releases her highly anticipated third record ‘Dangerous Woman’. The lead up has been quite length, but a lot of information has been revealed along the way. We got two solid singles, a list of collaborators, and a few dozen clips of music over the past few months.

What’s the one thing we’ve been missing? A track list! Luckily, we don’t have to wonder who the album’s final features are and if ‘Focus’ has actually made the cut.

We hate to break it to you, but there’s zero signs of ‘Focus’…at least on the standard edition. Besides that little letdown for some fans (not sure which ones, but we’re sure there are a few that will be crushed, we’re happy to share that Ariana will have a hearty fifteen tracks on the standard edition.

So what are the juicy details? We already know that Lil’ Wayne will appear on ‘Let Me Love You’ and that Macy Gray is on ‘Leave Me Lonely’. As for Nicki and Future, they, respectively, appear on ‘Side To Side’ and ‘Everyday’.

As for what we’re looking forward? ‘Into You’ and ‘Touch It’ seem to flirt with that more mature vibe Ariana has been claiming this album will have. Just a few more weeks and we’ll be able to experience the album in full.

Dangerous Woman’ Track List

  1. Moonlight’
  2. Dangerous Woman’
  3. Be Alright’
  4. Into You’
  5. Side To Side’ ft. Nicki Minaj
  6. Let Me Love You’ ft. Lil’ Wayne
  7. Greedy’
  8. Leave Me Lonely’ ft. Macy Gray
  9. Everday’ ft. Future
  10. Sometimes’
  11. I Don’t Care’
  12. Bad Decisions’
  13. Touch It’
  14. Knew Better/Forever Boy’
  15. Thinkin’ Bout You’

Are you ready for ‘Dangerous Woman’ now more than ever?

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