Beyonce To Debut ‘Lemonade’ On HBO On April 23rd

Here we go. A new Beyonce era has been in the air for the past four months and reached an all time high with the surprise release of ‘Formation the night before her Super Bowl performance.

Since then, we’ve had an announcement of the Formation World Tour and rumor after rumor of a new album dropping before the tour. Many of the rumors included Beyonce’s music going more political and socially conscious for ‘B6′ and a short film titled ‘Project Lemonade would arrive with the record.

Well, it seems like all that talk was true. In true Beyonce fashion, out of the blue she dropped a teaser of ‘Lemonade’ – a film that will debut next Saturday, April 23rd, on HBO.

Also in true Beyonce fashion, there is no context to this announcement. Will this be in the veins of the visuals that accompanied ‘Beyonce’? Will this be a documentary about making her sixth record? Will it be a narrative soundtracked to ‘B6′? Will ‘B6′ drop the night before on April 22nd? So many questions and so little time until everything happens.

Stay tuned…


Beyonce has dropped an extended teaser for ‘Lemonade’. Check it out below.


Apparently, Lemonade isn’t a music film or live concert. According to an unnamed HBO Exec, the one-hour special will be more in the veins of a docu-style ala Life Is Beautiful

The mysterious one-hour event, airing on HBO Saturday (9 p.m. ET/6 PT), is not a live concert. Rather, it’s a docu-style special similar to her 2014 HBO special, Life is But a Dream, according to an HBO executive who was not authorized to speak in detail about the project.

Yay or nay?

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