Nelly Furtado Gives An Update On Her New Album

Back in February, there was a bit of a whisper about Nelly Furtado orchestrating a comeback based on some pretty peculiar social media activity. Everyone assumed that her new record would be titled ‘What Happened In Dallas and that her track list was already secured.

Turns out, we were all making something out of nothing. Last night, the ‘Loose’ singer took to Twitter to debunk a a few rumors surrounding her forthcoming album as well as tease a little bit about the kind of sound we can expect from Nelly.

So the record isn’t going to be called ‘What Happens In Dallas’, we should expect something along the lines of her debut album (#JusticeForDanceNelly), the album – so far – is primarily in English, and won’t have any collaborations or features. Sorry to disappoint anyone who was expecting something along the lines of ‘Hadron Collider, but at least we’ll be reminded of why we all fell in love with Nelly nearly 15 years ago.

Are you ready for the return of Nelly Furtado?

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