New Track: Cruel Youth – ‘Diamond Days’

Two months ago, Natalia Kills revealed the the world that she would be joining forces with her husband, Willy Moon’, for the new band Cruel Youth. While we were unimpressed with their unoriginal debut, there’s something about their new offering – ‘Diamond Days’ – that got our attention.

For one, it’s still not that original. It sounds exactly like a Lana Del Rey left over before she came Lana Del Rey. But there’s something else that’s vaguely familiar about ‘Diamond Days’. It could have lived nicely on Natalia’s sophomore album. There’s a sad, old Hollywood glamour feel to it and Natalia’s smokey vocals bring the song to the level, emotionally.

A for effort, C- for executing – but not a terrible pop song. Are you into ‘Diamond Days’ more than ‘Mr. Watson?

Download ‘Diamond Days’ on iTunes.
Stream ‘Diamond Days’ on Spotify.

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