New Track: Justin Bieber – ‘Stay With Me Forever’

The problem that you face when you’re constantly working on new music is that you will most certainly face a leak or two. That seems to have been Justin Bieber’s issue since the release of ‘Purpose’. The second his comeback album dropped, it was being reported that Bieber was back in the studio and ready to create a follow-up to his critically acclaimed set.

Today, ‘Stay With Me Forever’ is the latest in a series of Bieber leaks that we’ve experience over the past few months. It’s cute – it seems very much like a demo and nothing else. The problem with a lot of these recent leaks or debuts of unreleased songs on theĀ Purpose World Tour is that they don’t quite hit the mark that ‘Purpose’ did. Not only did Justin make everyone fall back in love with him, but he managed to push his sound forward to something refreshing and exciting. Grant it, these leaks may not ever make an album, but they 100% fail to live up to what he just introduced to the world.

Was ‘Purpose’ a fluke or are these leaks just Bieber messing around in the studio?

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