Performance: Nick Jonas on Saturday Night Live

This year, a lot of ex-Disney pop acts have made their debuts on Saturday Night Live. First it was Demi, then it was Selena, and now it’s Nick Jonas’s turn has he begins to build even more hype for his new album ‘Last Year Was Complicated’, due out this June.

Kicking things off with ‘Close’, Nick seemed a bit…uptight at first, right? Naturally, we can understand how stressful SNL is – especially the first go around – so a bit of nerves was expected. We just didn’t think Nick would be the kind of guy to let those nerves shake him up. Thankfully, Tove Lo joined in after the first chorus to kick things up a notch, helped Nick loosen up, and the two brought the performance home. By the way, can we say that Tove totally stole this performance and deserves to be bigger than she is?

As expected, Nick chose to perform ‘Champagne Problems’ for his second song of the evening. Talk about a stark difference from his first go. The vibe was totally different, his confidence was on point, and he was the driving the song. Despite the song’s heavy subject matter, he genuinely enjoyed the song’s debut performance…even taking the time to manhandle his mic stand at one point (high key wishing we could have been that mic stand…).

All in all, a solid debut for an artist that shows even more promise in 2016 than he did a few years ago. We’re ready to kick back and experience another year of Nick J.

Videos courtesy of GossipCop.

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