Azealia Banks Previews ‘Playhouse’ From ‘Business & Pleasure’, Shares A Demo For Rihanna

It must be fun to be an Azealia Banks fan. Sometimes you’re promised things that never materialize and other times you get things you never asked for. While many sit around and wait for ‘The Big Big Beat’ music video, Azealia decided to make a peace offering and share unreleased music last night on Periscope.

First up, she shared ‘Playhouse’ from her forthcoming sophomore album ‘Business & Pleasure’. While AB revealed that we won’t get the track in full until 2017, there’s no denying she has another signature banger on her hands. It’s rough, but you can tell that it’ll fit right next to songs like ‘Chasing Time’ and ‘Soda’.

Then, she did the unexpected – she revealed a demo that she worked on Hit-Boy with for Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’. Azealia shared on Twitter that she walked out of ‘ANTI’ recording sessions once she detected “shade” (k..). ‘Can’t Do It Like Me’ was originally intended for pop’s bad gal and it seems like this demo took some of the energy from the ‘Slay-Z’ track. It really could have been a great duo between Ri and A – but maybe it was for the best? Perhaps Azealia can rework it for one of her upcoming projects.

Thoughts on the new Azealia previews?


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