A New Ashlee Simpson Song Surfaces On Instagram

Unreal. Un. Fucking. Real. Ashlee Simpson’s music career has been a mystery for nearly a decade now. After 2008’s ‘Bittersweet World’, Ashlee retreated from the spot light to focus on her personal before resurfacing for a split second in 2012 for a one-off single, ‘Bat For A Heart’.

We can’t believe we’re about to say this, but a new Ashlee Simpson song has surfaced. Well sort of.

It was brought to our attention from a fellow Ashlee Simpson fan that one of Papa Joe’s clients posted a video on Instagram (which has since been deleted) that contains a very small fraction of an unreleased song from the Ashlee vault.

There’s no title or context. Just Ashlee and a piano. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It’s delicate. It breaks our heart. With just a few piano keys and Ashlee’s (very strong, might we say) raspy vocals, we’re only able to make out one lyric before the video cuts out…

“Don’t Let The Dark Take You Out”


Obviously this is an empowerment anthem and a ballad, mind you. Ashlee’s piano ballads are few and far between. They’re either amazing (‘Catch Me When I Fall’) or shaky (‘Never Dream Alone’). This is different. Her emotion is solid and it seems to really bring out a specific tone in her voice that not a lot of people are aware of.

It’s funny that this would pop up today, eight years to the day that her last studio album was released. Ashlee is allegedly always working on music. It’s come straight from her husband’s lips and we’ve heard that she’s been sitting on a fourth record for quite some time now.

If there’s anyway for her to come back, it’s exactly like this. Stay tuned to see if we can get our hands on the clip…

Watch us discuss a potential Ashlee Simpson comeback on #POPTalk

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4 Responses

  1. WordsWithSam says:

    Disagree on “Nothing” from Fergie. I like the beat and thought it was a much more aggressive option for a comeback track. The version I heard was definitely unfinished, so hopefully a cleaner, more polished version will spring up when the album comes out. She did have a kid though so maybe she prioritized that (and sleeping with Josh Duhamel as much as humanly possible).

    Really hoping for some good stuff from Ms. Kelly.

  2. Richard Baxter says:

    Slay with that Josh Duhamel comment!!

  3. Jean Rollyns says:

    Oh my God!!! Ashlee Simpson coming back with new music, albums and tours, wow!!! ?
    That sounds so good, it’s a good news about her!!!
    I’m so happy!!! ?
    Sorry for my bad English, I’m trying to do my best!
    I’m from Paraguay! Kiss! ?

  4. Richard Baxter says:

    Possibly! She’s constantly working on music – whether it gets released is an entirely different story. Glad you enjoy.

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