Chilli Drops New Single ‘Body’

Interesting. We didn’t ask for a new single from Chilli (you know, from the mega-girl group TLC), but it’s something that happened over the week. The good news? It’s not tragic! In fact, ‘Body’ has the potential to be great…if sung by the right artist.

There’s a lot of different artists we’re hearing here. Nicole Scherzinger and Ciara are a few that come to mind…but nothing current. More so Nicole from PCD and Ciara from her ‘Goodies’ era. Translation? ‘Body’ is a bit date – but things could have went a lot worse. You know, like taking fans money for a Kickstarter album that never materialized. KIDDING (sort of) – this is being dubbed “a workout single”, so what more did we even expect given that title?

Will you be sweating it out to ‘Body’ anytime soon?

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