New Track: Icona Pop – ‘F U’

Earlier this year, Icona Pop popped back onto the scene with their vogue-tastic new single ‘Someone Who Can Dance’. After that song failed to stick, the Swedish dance/pop duo have dropped aggressive new track ‘F U’ to keep the momentum from their previous release going.

Unfortunately, this is no better. In fact, it might be worse. It’s part alt-pop, part Lord of the Dance, part cheerleader…there’s just a lot going on here. The problem Icona Pop faces with their music is that they can’t quite pin down a sound. When it comes to the lyrics and the vocals – that’s a different story. The two are capable of writing and cutting some of the most irreverent pop anthems, so we’re not so sure what the difficulty is after the success of their debut album ‘This Is…’ but we hope that they can find out what exactly works for them before album two is due.

Thoughts on ‘F U’?

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